Renewal of Vow Celebrations & Humanist Ceremonies

Vow Renewal - Some things are so good we want to do them twice…

Vow Renewal BasingstokeHere at Weybrook Park Golf Club we are pleased to announce to we can now host Renewal of Vow Celebrations.

Whether you would like a quiet ceremony for a few select guests or a larger ceremony, we will be pleased to celebrate such a special occasion with you and your guests within our lovely function suite with its large vaulted ceiling and romantic ambience. Enjoy beautiful views overlooking the golf course and take advantage of the lush Hampshire countryside for photos to cherish alongside your memories of the day.

We know many couples like to renew their vows to reflect a special anniversary or to just show their on-going commitment to one another, but whatever the reason we can create you a bespoke day as individual as you are.



Humanist Wedding Ceremony

A Humanist wedding is completely secular (ie non‐religious with no hymns, prayers or Bible readings). This can be a particular advantage for couples from different faiths. Rather than plump for one tradition at the risk of alienating the other, inter‐faith couples can design a ceremony that emphasises what they have in common. A celebrant trained and licensed by the British Humanist Association usually conducts humanist weddings (of which we have links with 2 of our local Celebrants), but you can ask a friend or relation to do it if you prefer. The ceremony includes vows devised by the couple, music, readings and any other symbolic actions the couple choose to make, and at Weybrook Park we are proud to be able to offer this service.

 In England, given the present state of the law, it is in two parts:

1. The legal requirements of marriage take place before a registrar. Often couples will want to regard this part of the proceedings as separate and distinct from the humanist ceremony. At the register office, they may wish to have the most simple of ceremonies, perhaps with only a couple of friends to act as witnesses; they will quite often not exchange rings and will to some extent regard this as a legal technicality – ‘the paperwork’ if you like.

2. The Humanist wedding ceremony and celebrations take place wherever the couple wish and can take whatever form they choose; here rings can be exchanged and all the joy that one would want to inject into such a happy occasion can be expressed.

Baby Naming Ceremonies

We can also host Humanist Baby Naming Ceremonies here at Weybrook Park Golf Club to help you celebrate the amazing new arrival having entered your Family. To mark these life-changing events families often wish to celebrate with a Party and sometimes religious Christenings are not always appropriate, for this Humanist Naming Ceremonies give everyone the opportunity to reflect and acknowledge the joy, wonder and responsiblity of bringing a child into the world. These are happy relaxed and personal occasions in which the Celebrant creates and child-centred and inclusive ceremony and invites promises from the family. Typically taking around 20 minutes we can then follow with a lovely afternoon party for you and your family to mark this special occasion!

Please contact Lee on 01256 320347 Option 2 or email for any further details regarding Wedding receptions, Parties or Baby Namings you would like to hold.

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